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Wii Sports Club – Boxing Champion Match – Pit

This is me playing Boxing for Wii Sports Club.
And I’m playing against the boxing champion, with the Worst, Motion Controls, Ever. As well as – by far – the hardest champion in Wii Sports Club.
Pit can be a pushover, as he is ranked the lowest in other sport disciplines, and on the Beginner difficulty on Wii Party U. However, his boxing prowess is so brutal, that it puts Gen 1’s boxing champ Matt to shame.
So you’ll have try to dodge or block his punches, so you can counter them with your own. If they miss or get blocked, you’ll risk falling victim to his combos that can leave you in a daze within seconds. And soon enough, down and out before you even have a chance to hit him.
So make the most of any opportunity you’re given to punch his health down with combos, and eventually, to put him down on the floor.
But most importantly, Don’t, Let, the Controls, Fail on you.

If you can beat him, you’ll be able to wear his boxing gloves via code. Just hold down the 1 button with the Mii select screen displayed, and press A. Just like in Wii Sports.

Recorded with Avermedia Game Capture HD II @1080p

Nguồn: https://meetingtheworld.net

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24 Responses

  1. Takumi from Wii Sports

    If you think about it, Pit can be seen as a neo-Wii Sports Matt. The best combatant in his respective games but absolute dogshit at baseball and tennis being extremely early opponents.

  2. Brandon Hopkins

    That's more fun when you're dealing with the boxing gloves. By the way, is there a television channel that was named after this game and Wii Party U?

  3. *Eclipse* PolarCross

    What da f is with this animation!? It looks like it downgraded from the more fluid wii verison. And this guy is a joke. Matt will always be number 1! 😂❤

  4. Strink Family

    All the comments on here are talking about how this game either sucks or isn't as good as the original. I personally disagree, as this remake added some things that, if added to the original, would probably be praised a lot more. The only downside to this is, well, no Matt. I enjoy this game a lot, and I feel all of the negativity it receives is undeserved.

  5. TheSmash Boi

    Wii Sports and Wii Sports Club Champion Face-offs.

    Tennis: Elisa & Sarah Vs Alice & Barbara
    Baseball: Sakura Vs Enrique
    Boxing: Matt Vs Pit

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