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Watch This Marine Biologist Swim With Sharks | The Dodo Wild Hearts

Ocean Ramsey has been swimming with sharks since she was a kid, and now she’s fighting to keep them safe.

Keep up with the work of Ocean Ramsey on Instagram: Special thanks to photographer Juan Oliphant: and additional thanks to Sea Shepherd Global: www.seashepherdglobal.org.

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31 Responses

  1. Charles Michaels

    Next, dining with sharks???

    Sharks are wild Creatures of Instinct, but essential predator required to keep the oceans clean, & fish schools healthy.
    Human over fishing is now the problem.
    Georgia Guide Stones the solution ???
    Illuminati say yes.
    What do you say???

  2. JackAssSquirrel

    why is she projecting so hard? yes, of course sharks aren't out to kill humans, same goes for gorillas. But i bet you wouldn't survive an encounter with a gorilla that is protecting their newborns. saying they aren't dangerous is just stupid and she is clearly projecting her mindset of thinking that everyone's oblivious to sharks.

  3. Civako

    Im all for educating and its nice that she likes sharks that much. However..I can think for myself and dont like it when people keep saying "most people think this or that". U dont know what people think so just speak for yourself.

  4. southern shop

    I would question how they got those population numbers. Do they live with every shark species underwater all the time?

  5. TheAssholeProphet

    I can't stand that some idiot out there is leading teams to cull sharks they have absolutely no reason, there are so few attacks sharks aren't interested in humans as a food, they can even go by their actual food without just grabbing one so that means we are a hell of a lot safer. I do personally feel scared by sharks but I am 100% willing to learn about sharks to combat that fear not just because they're important to the earth but because they're amazing. This video really helped me I think see sharks in a better light- I've watched similar things before but this was especially enlightening.


    I know she is right but so was Steve Irwin and he at least had said he knew what would be his demise, it was really sad. He was such a great dad and guy in general. I think he should have a documentary for 2020 to remind us of how great he was.

  7. Jorgen dahl

    I've been diving with sharks several times and they tell you just what they are going to do by how they swim and the position of their fins. They are about as dangerous as an unfamiliar dog. Take that back, dogs are more likely to bite on purpose. Sharks usually bite because they mistake humans for something else.

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