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The Try Guys Swim With Sharks // Sponsored by The Shallows

Try Guys risk their lives by swimming with the deadliest sharks in the world…without a cage! Sponsored by The Shallows in theaters June 24th.

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33 Responses

  1. Nina Script

    Eugene "have you ever had entire groups hold hands before?"
    spooky shark guy "never happened before "
    keith "yeah, well we're gonna do that today"
    Love these guys… 😂

  2. Lulu GALE

    the fear of open water
    And i was forced to suber dive before i was diagnosed
    and this was so stressful to watch for me lol 😂😭

  3. Jordan's River

    I love sharks. I think they're so cool and cute and Ned I live in Florida. It's so hot and there is ALOT OF WATER

  4. Ana Hodnett

    Bro not hating but the shaft guy is insane. Bulk sharks are the most dangerous and he took you to a feeding ground like y’all could’ve died and someone got attacked the week before?? Like omggg shooook

  5. awkward band kid

    I grew up in Florida puts on sunglasses so basically I know the water like it’s the back of my hand – Ned 2016

    Also Ned – I got way to close to
    I need a hug

  6. ylsan P

    shark : bites leg off
    person : whos a good boi
    other person in the boat : FUN FACT SHARKS CAN KILL U
    person that has no leg : oh……I though we were making out

  7. Liv B

    Bro I'd just be a swear bomb if I had to go in the ocean with sharks without a shark cage. I'd probably be crying too. And this is why I'm scared of the ocean.

  8. Rose Evans

    My dad goes diving, always has and he always sees sharks

    Through his like 30-40 odd years of diving he has seen many sharks and they are really sweet baby water doggos and need more love

  9. 『 mєlхdíq prхstítutє 』

    Imagine if they all actually died and they had to make clones of then to continue the channel?

    Haha, it's probably not true though!

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