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The Swoon reacts to The King: Eternal Monarch | SwoonWorthy Ep 1 [ENG SUB]

“Someone you must absolutely meet in life is not your soulmate. It’s your fangirl-mate.”
– Her Private Life (2019)

Meet Jen and Sarah: Friends, colleagues, and fangirls extraordinaire. You may know them as Dramabeans creators javabeans (Sarah) and girlfriday (Jen) where they were resident K-drama expert fans for over 10 years. 

To say Jen and Sarah love K-dramas would be an understatement—they live and breathe K-drama. They’ve been watching, squeeing, and writing about them for as long as they can remember, and you can bet they have lots to talk about.

Expect all things K-drama: recommendations on what to watch, an exclusive look at what goes on behind The Swoon, and first reactions of the hottest K-dramas coming up on Netflix. So laugh, cry, swoon and feel ALL the feelings with your fangirl-mates Jen & Sarah as they celebrate their love of K-dramas with you.

We’re kicking off the series with a premiere watch of Lee Min-ho’s highly anticipated comeback drama THE KING: ETERNAL MONARCH, the latest from hit writer Kim Eun-suk. Jen & Sarah talk about familiar themes across her dramas, magical flutes, majestic white horses, and reasons why they’re excited about this drama!

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42 Responses

  1. Raki Nuna

    Wait… Is my fave duo who supply me a with witty recaps for years are the one behind The Swoon? I miss you guys on DB~

  2. anii24

    Missed Jen and Sarah so much! They are the reason I got into dramas at all! Dramabeans (and watching dramas in general) has not been the same without you 🙁 Would love to see you return with podcasts as well, especially drunken podcasts, hahah

  3. Vijayalakshmi Thangjam

    Wow! Javabeans and GirlFriday! Thank you so much for this. It was lovely to watch this. I have mostly been a lurker in Dramabeans for years and I have really enjoyed reading your recaps there. ❤️

  4. Shraddha Gaikar

    I am confused a bit watching this series.. i love the scene where she is going thru his possessions n takes his fingerprints …

  5. Syeda Roubayet

    Came here and watched this only for my love for javabeans and girlfriday, miss them everyday; db isn’t the same without you guys.

  6. Johanna Reyes

    Watched thia video just for javabeans and girlfriday! I miss you girls over at dramabeans .. miss your recaps, your thoughts, your humour… Dramabeans isn't the same without you two!

  7. Rayla

    Love Javabeans and Girlfriday! (I still have to get used to call your real names haha)

    I'm still not sure about this drama, but i really thought episode two were way better than the first episode so if KES keep the writing that way i might enjoy it.

  8. Autumn Rain

    Oh my goodness! Sooo happy to see them again! Honestly, I came here only to watch Javabeans & Girlfridayㅠㅠ I completely left Dramabeans three years ago because these two OGs disappeared from the site and it became a totally different place to discuss a drama. Wish them health & happiness~

  9. boya2monkae

    Honestly I wouldn’t mind if the ladies started their own YouTube channel and just do live reviews of episodes. I’d definitely watch it. Really missing Javabeans and Girlfriday!

  10. Chrystel Baguinon

    Wait omg…you guys are Dramabeans??!! I've followed your website blog since I think 2013. Whenever I didn't have the time to watch a drama (college), I'd always look forward to your episode recaps. It's nice to finally see you guys!

  11. Anaa Wafaa

    Daebak! We have Javabeans and Girlfriday in the house 😄… I feel so nostalgic now ☺️. Dramabeans was no longer the same without both of u. I have always loved ur commentaries and its so good to hear from u guys again. Am sure, many old db readers will be glad and excited to hear this… The power of Lee Min Ho though. Haha.

  12. Kris Silva

    Javabeans and Girl Friday !! How I miss you and your recaps. Dramabeans is not the same without you. Please keep on doing this… you make kdrama viewing so much more fun. And yes, so far so good .. I love LMH !! also KGE, and WDH. Hoping for more bromance and OTP moments. And crossing my fingers the story gets better in future episodes.

  13. i_cant_stand_ the_crain

    Javabeans and Girlfriday these two were like my k-drama teachers. I am so glad they are still out here living the fangirl life.

  14. aalishaJin&Juciyeoluvr

    Why LMH tho? Why, i just don't understand? There are other good looking actors who are good at acting too? So why him? 😭😅

  15. Sakura2016

    missed swooning and laughing whil reading Javabeans and Girlfiday recaps, I had SO MUCH FUN with this video 😂🥰

  16. Chidera Obodoechi

    Oh my gosh… that actually makes so much sense. If he was the one who saved himself by time traveling… MIND BLOWNNNN🤯🤯🤯

  17. Pamela Gonzales

    It's deminsional travel…not time travel..to a parallel universe..both worlds are modern day worlds. His a monarchy of a kingdom..her's the republic of Korea. His the Kingdom of Corea. But somehow time travel happens too…when traveling to the other demention… It's confusing but good so far

  18. Hudson Rivera

    The first three minutes of non-stop giggling, dense chatting and failure to understand the back story of the show made me gave up watching this video reaction. This should be renamed “Oh-We-Can’t-Wait-for Lee Min-Ho, Giggles for 16-Minutes Reaction”.

  19. Azlina Aisyah

    It was much more fun watching Jen & Sarah fangirling over Lee Min Ho than watching the first 2 episodes of his current drama. For sure

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