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SAD NEWS; Pep Guardiola's mum has passed away! Luke Shaw calls for Premier League to be scrapped!

Pep Guardiola’s mum has passed away! Luke Shaw calls for Premier League to be scrapped!


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29 Responses

  1. Biff Grimes.

    Sorry to hear this news , condolences to Pep and his family , Football has been a big part of my life for l guess 55 years but now it just doesn't seem important to me , Best wishes to all .

  2. Bic Fox

    The Very Very sad news that Peps beautiful Mum has Passed Away, makes you realise just how serious things are out there right now. Forget the Football, it doesn’t really matter. Let’s keep everyone safe and focused on what’s more important……and that’s the Lives of all of our families and all of our friends and beating this Virus all together. How many people does it have to take before you stop banging on about things that aren’t important right now.

  3. Bic Fox

    So Sad, my heart is with you and all your family Pep, words aren’t enough mate. God Bless with Lots of Love coming your way from Liverpool. The big fella upstairs has now got another Special Angel sitting by his side. YNWA 🌹

  4. Davvid Wavves

    The season needs to be voided. There is no way that bringing football back too early will be a good thing. Major sport events have already been cancelled and they are not set to start until sometime in june. Human life is more important that corporate profits. So in 2020 not even God wanted those cheating scousers to win a title.

  5. T Carb

    ANOTHER video relating to cancelling/voiding.

    Couldn't you just keep the video about Pep and his mother ffs…how disrespectful that even on a video like this, you still push the void agenda 🤦🏾‍♂️


  6. Van Wilson

    My deepest condolences to Pep and his family for this horrible loss and may I also wish Boris Johnson best wishes as he fights this terrible virus.

  7. Justlooking

    This is the reason why I’ve thought the season will be cancelled (or at least be postponed) for a long time. Because I knew people in the big clubs will be affected and that will cause people to put everything in perspective. I remember when this first hit the UK and everyone was saying “oh it only hurts old people don’t worry” and all I was thinking is “don’t you people love your parents and grandparents?”. I’m relatively young but my parent are both over 60 because I’m the youngest. If all the older people in my family passed because of this I would be devastated, that’s why I really want people to be mindful of others at this time.

  8. Craig Barlow

    So you really think that the premier league is coming back any time soon ? Think again .
    Condolences to Pep's mother .

  9. Stourport tropics

    Football can fuck off right now, 1000s of people are dying every day world wide. Sorry boys its means nothing?! family and friends mean more to me than any match or money Done!!!!


    Void the season if it goes on for another month there's no point in finishing it. start it again fresh .

  11. Bill Smith

    Videos about liverpool furloughing staff were up within seconds of the annoucement, lets see how long it takes for one now they have taken the correct action its already slower

  12. Emmanuel Paul

    My condolences to everyone who has lost a loved one at this very difficult time. Both everyday individuals and celebrities.

  13. Yufa Moha

    We don't need to rush football
    We have to wait until this Corona virus cloudy clears
    Our life is more important than football

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