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[#InfiniteLoop] (ENG/SPA/IND) "Why Leave Me?" Park Bo Gum Tearing Up Moments | #Encounter | #Diggle

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36 Responses

  1. Pocha Cisneros

    Él es un buen actor, me da penita verlo triste, me hace llorar… Ya lo decidí, yo voy a consolar Park Bo Gum… Bendiciones. Besitos. Saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪

  2. Amongla Jamir

    Ohhhh i really really love this drama a lot… & both d lead actors r my fav.. Omg! Ms. Song s d most prettiest of all d Korean actresses… I mean dey (the other actresses) r also beautiful bt not like song hye kyo.. D way she s beautiful.. Omg! I cant tk my eyes off her.. & d actor Park bo gum.. His acting skills makes him more handsome.. I wish both of dem bcum real couple eventho he s younger dan her… Their chemistry s just Amazing. & she looks more matching vt him dan song jong ki.. Thank God she got separated 4rm Mr. Song..

  3. Swikriti Singh

    If it wasn't for Korean hierarchical structure and nosy people who can't mind their own business then both of them would've been together a long time ago.
    But I guess that's what makes encounter so special. All the characters got their happy ending (even hyo's husband in this drama)

  4. Tessa Gray

    I haven't watched the drama but this is so heartbreaking! Why does the girl always runs away from him! Park bo gum has amazing acting skills though, even I started tearing up

  5. Vilma Mendoza

    ¡Qué gran actor es Park Bo Gum! Expresa con su rostro y todo su cuerpo emociones que conmueven y que me hacen admirarlo profundamente.

  6. wo t

    야.. 진짜 내 앞에서 내 남자였던 사람이 나 가지 말라고 저렇게 우는데.. 어떻게 버리냐.. 존나 강심장 아니고서 불가능하다

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