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I don't get it – Jurgen Klopp | Champions League Press Conference

Jurgen Klopp spoke to the press following Liverpool’s match against Atletico Madrid.

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48 Responses

  1. JP Pennypincher

    35 shots, 8 on target, 2 goals. This is a 5.7% finishing rate. Many of Liverpool's chances came from awkward moments and crosses. Good defensive systems with a great goalie will eat this up quite often. Watched my Juve do it for years under several managers. Atleti had 10 shots, 6 on target with 3 goals. That is 30% finishing, basically 6x as good as Liverpool. Pool plays with passion, quickness and they love to constantly press, hurry and hassle, they play a game based on create as many chances as possible thus you should mathematically be able to beat most teams due to sheer number of opportunities with their high press, constant crosses and high shot taking tactics. It is a good watch, but sloppy as hell in the final third at times. Klopp's style, and he's weird to critique Lorente's finishing for the first goal considering how awful his team's stats were in that category. That said, this is football, there is always the outliers and Simeone nailed it in both legs. Say what you want about his playing style, he used his players expertly over both legs. Llorente's first goal was also not "easy" as Klopp said. He still had to be extremely composed and clinical to make the most out of what was one of a few limited chances. I think more should be said by pundits about how tired Pool looked as extra-time wore on. They were defensively suspect on the final two Atleti goals and all their goals came at the feet of subs. Right team went through imo. They needed some humility that only football can teach after the fanbase getting a little carried away with how great they are after 1.5 good seasons. And I definitely don't want to see another final like last year's… Wait… Didn't pool play more defensively minded in that game? Good ol' Klopp needs a mirror.

  2. pabloalarroyo

    😂😂😂The time to "slam" the opponent's style is before the game, that would be ballsy, after a loss it's just sour grapes.

  3. Harry Iglesias

    Klopp should just take his ass and go straight to the nearest hospital's nursery ward… he can cry there all he wants.

  4. trupiil

    lobbing the ball 60 times in front of goal and hope for a defensive error isn't enough. Liverpool play poor football and now try to distract from this fact.

  5. Mihai Avr

    Liverpool players must be on some kind of magic potion cuz they run the same way every minute of the game meanwhile Atletico ran like normal humans .

  6. haludba11

    This match looked like a game of FIFA ultimate team weekend league where the opponent uses overload ball side 🤦‍♂️

  7. Sayli

    If Allison was available, we all know that Liverpool will still in game.
    Congratulations for Man City who will win the Champion's league by advance !

  8. Mango D

    Klopp is one to talk about being "packed with world class players, playing the way they do, defensive setup".. Last year against Tottenham during the final, Spurs had 65% possession, Pool had 35% possession. During 17/18, Roma had 61% possession vs Pool 39% at Roma's home. That same season, during both games against City, Liverpool had less than 40% possession and played the same way Atletico did. Even at Anfield they had 34% possession, yet he wants Atletico to come to Anfield and attack.. Against Real in the final, they had 34% possession and 2 shots on target. Point being, Atletico has a lower transfer budget than Pool, is in a transitional year, yet this guy wants them to come to Anfield and play open against the finalists from the past 2 years, despite his own counter-attacking setup when it suits him.
    Liverpool played More boring football in UCL final last year 😂

  9. MrKaravaj

    Those who watched the game know that Liverpool played better for 95 minutes and had the whole game. But Atletico were mentally strong, perhaps stronger than us, they believed. We just couldnt cope after the 1-2 goal. Hence the result was fair after all

  10. Aloha

    Simeone said: "We came here to win the game".. And guess what?.. He did win the game!.. He does not need to hug and kiss his players to be like by them. They respect him and follow his orders because they know he is right most of the times. Simeone is the best tactician and one of the best manager in football. Underrated, underappreciated by the news media, but he could care less. Well done, coach!!..

  11. fang. Clarke c

    The only part that doesn't sit well with me…is I admire Simione response unlike Klopp.Pool dominated the match but questions more up front. And Salah for mine had a terrible night and Mane whos trying the spectacular instead of percentage play. I would be furious at these two players because their trying to out do each other rather than recognise what's at stakes here and do what it takes to win for the team, so selfish.

  12. Senninha mcl

    Sh… up, even Simeone says, It was unfair on Liverpool, they didn't deserve to lose that way. Simeone says, We had 30 minutes more time to score an away goal, And that was unfair on Liverpool.
    OK The UEFA has to come up with something for that.

  13. Imelda McIntyre

    Under Klopp Liverpool are just going to get better!! Great performance Liverpool luck wasn't on our side tonight!!! UP THE MIGHTY REDS YNWA JURGEN KLOPP BEST MANAGER IN THE WORLD. EPL THIS YEAR THREE NICE PICESE OF SILVERWARE THIS YEAR!

  14. harry lame

    I like Klopp (obviously) He’s our Manager but You can’t complain about how the other team plays. They came to Anfield and did a Job on Us.. Take it and move on. We had a great ride in the Cl.. Next Year they better be ready. Next season we will be Ready for full Throttle!

  15. Football Investors Club

    Atletico would not have won if they played the kind of football Jurgen was hoping they would play. Simeone drilled his players perfectly. You can say you don't get it but given the circumstance, most teams would have approached Anfield like this. It would not be wise to go gung-ho against Liverpools style of play whilst protecting a narrow lead like that. You have to play to your strengths, one system is not superior to another like he is implying.

  16. Andrew Nicodemou

    Klopp doesn't get it, Liverpools goalkeeper screws them up again, and they are knocked out of the Champions League by football legends Llorente and Morata.

    Life doesn't get much better than this.

  17. f h

    Klopp, any team can play their game the way the think they will most probably succeed. You didnt know how to defeat Atletico, but Atletico defeated you twice. WAKE UP, SHUT UP AND BE A MAN!

  18. Paul Reyes

    Jurgen is the best, I think is the best coach in the world, how he understands every game and every mistake, and the power of his rivals makes him the best, he`s really a Professor

  19. Kaz Al

    I'd be frustrated too, athletico was saved by Adrian's mistake and llorente's performance in the last 20 mins of the game. Unlucky to not go through but credit to Athletico Madrid they did the job.

  20. Ovęd Mejia

    Let's just put it this way… .WHERE IS VAN DICKKK….THE BEST DICK HEAD DEFENDER….WHERE HE AT???? LAST GAME WERE HES MISTAKE. …simple as that

  21. dutch

    Getafe, valencia, sevilla atletico etc etc all playing with 10 defenders.. disgusting to see those teams play.. atletico just got lucky. The road is open for bayern to win the ucl

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