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Huawei P40 Pro Unboxing and Camera Test

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35 Responses

  1. Matt Liao

    Please test the video recording features too, as my old P30 Pro is not smooth especially if I transition from 1x to other zoom levels you feel like it switches lenses on a noticeable scale….. Does it happen on P40 Pro?

  2. Blaze Kamikaze

    one thing i like now is that Huawei has improve in the overall image quality from every lens…like the compromises you gonna face from each lens has become minimal or almost none.

  3. Wan Ori

    I won't watch, the studio lighting is bad, i want the old lighting, and the way u talk, ur spirit, i cant get enough therapy during this corona

  4. MasterGamer2853

    I'm kinda confused about this phone…..the camera is amazing but no Google, google playstore and YouTube is kinda annoying me….probably will go for Samsung S20

  5. Michael Jebb

    Lew that video is how you should do them all, at a chair, straight to the point, dish the information out about the product and bang job done! Great job on your tod!

  6. lover of butterflies

    Give me this phone +923144545145 whats app for my address i know you send me this phone because i love this phone

  7. Mojo F.U

    Huawei p40(not the pro version) or P30 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S10 (not the plus version) which of this three phones should i buy? I dont really need google services i can use the yt on browser and the others apps from them or to move from android to apple and to buy Iphone XS(not max) in my country theirs prices are very similar the only things i want is a fast phone with a good camera

  8. kahfi bonboy

    the studio is like there's blackout there. it's so low light. did u change your lightbulb? do you use candle as your light source? test the camera in low light environment is not representative.

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