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Google — Year In Search 2016

See what the world searched for in 2016.
| #YearInSearch

Music: Grace VanderWaal – Light The Sky |

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C R E D I T S:
Brexit – Ruptly
Trump & Hillary Supporters – Associated Press (AP)
US Election map: ABC
BLM Protesters – AP
Dallas PD Vigil – Ruptly
Dallas PD memorial – ITN News Source
Orlando PD – Steven Fernandez
Aleppo Wall – Russia Insider
Omran Daqneesh – AP
Refugees welcome – Shay Murphy
Justin Trudeau at pride – Canadian Press
Hillary Clinton @ DNC – CNN
Doaa Elghobashy @ Olympics – AP
Simone Biles performance – USA Gymnastics
Prince with guitar – Richard E. Aaaron
Special thanks to www.alicenter.org/
Ali with mic – AP
Bowie with Lighting Bolt – Duffy Archive & Bowie Archive
Aziz Ansari w/ Lighting – Photo by Crackerfarm/Under The Table
Additional Lighting Makeup shot – Dade Freeman
Bear and Deer – JukinMedia
Secret Life of Pets available on Google Play
Zianna Speaks to City Council – CNN
Refugees at Sea – Vice News
Border embrace – ITN/Reuters
Dallas Protest – Dallas Morning News

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28 Responses

  1. Mir Mahmood

    For me 2016 was the greatest year of my life I had the best of friends, I wasn't a smoker, I was handsome and strong and of course there was game of thrones season 6.

  2. X1 Gen KaneshiroX

    I must say that 2016 was the most interesting year and is the life changing year for me. It is also the most pivotal year for me.

  3. jeff goetz

    Grace VanderWaal's song Light the Sky brings all of these emotional and controversial yet unifying moments together. Thanks Google for this. She was only twelve!!! PS: Watch her on Disney+ Stargirl to see and hear this was no fluke. 16 now, this girl is amazingly talented.

  4. Melody Rodriguez

    yall CANNOT tell me otherwise 2016 IS MOST SUPERIOR, the other ones are amazing too but this one just hits

  5. -DoyouhaveKebab?- :3

    Turkish coup on 15 july(aka longest night for turks aka the worst day for Turkey AKA the day where people lost alot of their Family members) : am i a joke to you?

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