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[ENG SUB] We Got Married 4 우결4 – JaeRim♥SoEun Romantic blindfolded game 20141206

JaeRim making romantic guess on finding SoEun’s hand at the blindfolded game.
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*We Got Married Season4

Six single celebrities experiencing married life in reality show!
While the “couples” find a way to learn the difference in married life and dating, all of the pitfalls in a marriage revealed in reality. Will any of the celebrities find their true love?

Couple 1. Jong Hyun ♥ Yura (Girl’s Day)
Couple 2. Min ♥ Jin Young
Couple 3. Jae Rim ♥ So Eun

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46 Responses


    It'll be embarassing if it isn't her
    (Btw miss the Boys over flowers back then i really wish her and kim bum will be together im they're shipper hehehe)

  2. 루아

    송재림은 확실히 사람 마음 설레게 하는법을 너무 잘 아는것 같다 왜 이걸 보는 내가 더 설레냐.. 확 끌어당길때 심쿵♥

  3. Gracey Risuku

    Gosh!! 2020! I missed this Solim Couple!😍😊 I thought they will be dating in real life after WGM but it seems they're not dating.

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