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Diving with Sharks NO Cage!? – Oahu Hawaii

You may have seen shark diving with a cage, but did you know that on the North Shore of Oahu Hawaii, you can actually swim cage-less with 16 foot sharks? This was my experience swimming with a frenzy of sharks with Ocean Ramsey and Juansharks.

Thank you One Ocean Diving for having us. This is easily one of the greatest experiences Hawaii has to offer.

Special thanks to Juan for filming us and sharing his footage!

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  1. Lost LeBlanc

    Hey guys! Just wanted to say a big thanks for the support on the recent uploads. They have done super well and it’s crazy encouraging for me. I’m also want to especially thank everyone that comments and likes the videos. These forms of engagement actually help my videos hit recommended on YouTube. Again, thank you so much. Next weeks videos is a big one 🔥

  2. Matthew Cheung

    Why is Maldives on your list? Isn't it more like a private resort / beach / villa kinda thing? I feel like you could get a very comparable experience else where. Just comparing it to other things on your list… something like the great migration of wildebeest. Maldives doesn't seem to fit in there unless I'm missing something?

  3. A.B.M

    Chinese are eating sharks which is making them almost extinct and eat snakes and bats which is the reason why we have coronavirus damn just stick to beef and poultry

  4. Shinobi

    Notice how Ocean and her crew never took you guys to swim with Great White sharks cos they are so cute and cuddly and all that. Ocean Ramsey's message that sharks are not dangerous killing machines is so bogus! Everyone knows White Sharks and other large powerful ocean predators are exactly that, predators. They need to be respected for what they are and that is a powerful animal that completely owns its domain. If you don't respect them for what they are and take precautions when swimming in their back yard you might get hurt.

  5. Mark Mason

    Will not believe the hype… until I see someone swim in shark alley … if a shark hungry he going to eat whatever in the water…

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