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Contour And Highlight

Hey Yall,
lol Yall, here is how i finish off my foundation look, with a little definition (contour) and brightness (highlight)

This is great for anyone who , like me sufferers from No Cheek Bone Syndrome lol
Or if you just want to give the illusion of a higher cheek bone, or it will transform pictures of yourself….

Products Used
Contour / Highlight from MAC D Squared Collection “Accentuate and Sculpt”
Blush: NYX Raisin

MAC 168 contour brush
Bare Minerals Fan Brush
Blush Brush from IMATS

NYX Sparklin Salmon Diamond Lip Stick
Bare Minerals Lip Gloss in Tart

Nguồn: https://meetingtheworld.net

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23 Responses

  1. Yvorie Vasquez

    I've been trying to countour but I feel like my line is too dark and it almost looks to me like my face is dirty…I have beige skin, is there a certain color I should try…..and LOL at the mhhhhmmmm get it!! :DD

  2. TheMssAnY

    really love your routine..simple and fun 🙂 i've been usin' revlon colorstay for about 4 years non-stop, and i think it's the best i've ever tryed!

  3. JenniferFreyFitness

    like i said this is my going out look, i would never do this everyday cause it is a lot, but it worth it in pictures you will see

  4. JenniferFreyFitness

    you know honestly i would say no. unless its really built up a lot. i love the highlighter is beautiful

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