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Jonathan travels to Mexico for an up close encounter with Bull sharks, infamous for the fact that they are known to be the most dangerous species of shark to humans. He gets to try a chain mail anti-shark suit, and meets a biologist who is studying the sharks to learn more about their population and habits.

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24 Responses

  1. J Lux

    This is one of the coolest shark videos I've ever seen. So focused on how cool sharks are, and showing that they're not mindless man eating predators that hollywood and major news networks make them out to be. I cant imagine what the vast majority of plants, animals and insects think about humans..

  2. JP Aquinos

    I am studying sharks in my class and we watched you on a link to watch and I just clicked on this video
    And heard Jonathan Bird and noticed it was you

  3. Adam Pezley

    If a shark gets fenzy they tend to eat at anything, so Im curious if this shark is frenzy when trying to eat the fish with the man next to it?

  4. Somnang Somnang

    Wow my Beloved friend your make So Good Videos . I loved all your Videos . Because it make me happy and smiling and Especially is including Good Education .thanksgiving for your sharing

  5. TJfishbuk Salliverro

    Shark: How many times I hint humans that if they stay on land and I stay in the ocean there would not be any problems and if they step in my territory they become fishmeal.😋 How many more times you have to study me?

  6. Triphallo YungDiamond

    You wanna know what I would be doing if I was there? I would be laying on my stomach with my hand under my chin watching the sharks have fun! Like literally, that looks so comfortable! 1:10 By the way, I wish I can hug and eat this chubby cute shark!

  7. Panda Pantz

    Feeding sharks is a bad idea, like others have mentioned, sharks are not stupid, with more and more people feeding and then swimming with full bellied sharks, the sharks are beginning to associate swimmers and divers as a source of food, I watched a documentary that broke down 5 different shark attacks on humans that happened relatively close together in the same area, they determined it was the same shark who attacked all 5 people and the way the shark bit the people, in the same places on the body, in the same pattern, actually correlated with the hand motions that most shark-feeding divers use to give the shark fish… Anyways, long story short, don't feed sharks.

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