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Azura Riverside Apartment Da Nang – Live Luxury Think Quality

If you want to live in a peaceful place in great harmony with nature, located in the heart of a city, where you can stay away from the noise of busy cities, Da Nang is the perfect destination and Azura is the ideal condominium offering you a high quality luxury lifestyle.
Azura is a 34-story tower. It is situated on the east bank of the Han River, next to downtown Da Nang. In fact, it’s only a 10 minute drive from the international airport; 5 minutes from Da Nang Beach and Eastern Sea Park. It’s also only 5 minutes to the most popular seafood restaurants along the beach such as My Hanh restaurant and 10 minutes to the 36-hole Da Nang Golf Course.
With a five-star desirable location, Azura is a place where you can admire all the beautiful scenes of Da Nang City from up high. It would be a pleasure for Thien Kim Real Estate Agency to invite you to experience the beauty of Da Nang City from the 23rd floor, with a panoramic view of the Han River and its sparkling water. In particular you can admire the four famous bridges, including the Han River Bridge — the first swing bridge; Thuan Phuoc Bridge – the largest suspension bridge of Vietnam where the River empties itself into the Sea; the impressive Dragon Bridge breathing fire and spraying water every Saturday evening with nearly 9.000 tons in weight; and the graceful sail-shaped Tran Thi Ly Bridge facing towards the East Sea.
From the tower, you will find it reassuring to be surrounded by the green Peninsula named Son Tra. You can also see the 67-meter-high statue of the Bodhisattva of Mercy looming majestically from the Linh Ung Pagoda from far away; and the gentle curve of Da Nang Beach before your eyes. In particular, Azura is the greatest elevated platform for the International Fireworks Competition held in Da Nang City every two years with the head-on perspective of Da Nang port — the fireworks displaying area. You and your family will have unforgettable memories by enjoying the spectacular light party at Azura.
Azura has an ellipse-shaped design. The wavy curve of each floor and pure white color gives Azura an ethereal presence, providing harmony with the blue sky and the beautiful landscape on the Han River. The clever curved-corner design enables us to maximize every angle from the living room or bedroom so that condominium tenants can enjoy the natural lively panoramic views all day long. You can even enjoy the city landscape from the corner of the kitchen.
Thien Kim Real Estate Agency ensures that Azura has been built with high quality, solid construction and installed with luxury equipment imported from Europe, which are environmentally-friendly and safe. Azura is specially designed with recessed lighting creating steady, calm light without negative effects to your eyes. The kitchen is made from composite materials with a granite finish in order to have a clean and fresh feeling and to prevent allergic reactions from detergents. Thanks to the special design of creating a curved line instead of a gap by the wall corner, cooking smells do not stick around in the kitchen.
In addition, Azura is managed by VinaLiving — the developer specializes in caring for clients living in luxury beachfront villas along Da Nang’s beach. Current Azura residents are very pleased with the service provided at the tower.
According to Thien Kim Real Estate Agency, up to 2014, Azura is an excellent place to live in the downtown area of Da Nang City. For more information on Azura condominiums, please visit the website www.thienkimreal.com or call 0985 222 888. It is our pleasure to provide you with all information on 8 other apartments around Da Nang City.

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