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Avril Lavigne – Hot (Official Music Video)

Avril Lavigne’s official music video for ‘Hot’. Click to listen to Avril Lavigne on Spotify:

As featured on The Best Damn Thing. Click to buy the track via iTunes:

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Website: www.avrillavigne.com/uk

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You make me so hot
Make me wanna drop
It’s so ridiculous
I can barely stop
I can hardly breathe
You make me wanna scream
You’re so fabulous
You’re so good to me baby, baby
You’re so good to me baby, baby

I can make you feel all better, just take it in
And I can show you all the places you’ve never been
And I can make you say everything that you’ve never said
And I will let you do anything again and again

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32 Responses

  1. Just Love

    I used to sing along while listening to this song when i was in my fourth grade when i was so innocent didn't know it was sexual.😂

  2. ModernNomad

    Listening to Avril, reliving old teenage memories. Damn I really had a crush on her as a teenager and she is born the same year as me.
    Just lying here feeling wonderful. The power of music. Aaaaaaa! Feeling great!

  3. chicken n00dle

    Damn! Avril is very iconic, no matter what phase! I wish people can support her again, as they were before. They just need to listen to Avril and forget about a fake conspiracy theory and enjoy!! #AvrilLavigne

  4. Eva Dharma

    I am sure AVRIL is AVRIL
    not MELISA or someone else, maybe in her first career, she was demanded to appear to be a tomboyish girl, but maybe it was'nt her own personality, which is Avril's have a girly personality.

  5. Kinji Salinas

    When i was a kid i had my Barbie stained hot pink lipstick on it's hair strand to make her look like Avril 😭 this is so nostalgic

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