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Audace – Retour (Pewdiepie Outro Song 2016)

Retour is a jazz song made by Audace. The song comes from the album 胡蝶の夢、十の夜 and is made in 2007. You can find the full album on my channel as well (

You should check them out on bandcamp! Here’s a link!

Nguồn: https://meetingtheworld.net/

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48 Responses

  1. Izanami

    this is so goddamn nostalgic, i feel like i'm about to tear up. i had such a happy time alongside felix even though i was merely a viewer. this holds so much memories that aren't even my own and yet… it's still powerfully nostalgic.
    i'm so glad this song popped back in my head and i actually remembered its name, it makes me genuinely happy hearing this again after all these years.

  2. Kar Hoe Wong

    even though felix now busy on minecraft, im still occasionally come back and listen to this masterpiece and remind me of BIRDABO

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