Today we take a break for working in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to check out the Mekong Delta, the beautiful area around the Mekong River, just an hour outside of Saigon.

I definitely recommend Gingko Voyage to anyone looking for a tour in South Vietnam. We had an amazing time and it was definitely the highlight of our whole Vietnam experience.

Music by Joe Hertz:

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35 Responses

  1. Divine Retreats- Yoga & Meditation Gurgaon

    I'm studying for world tour manager profession… Your video making skill is awesome… Keep it up dude..
    Enjoyed the whole video..
    You got a subscriber

  2. HeaYeHeaYe

    which particular tour did you do? im trying to book this same one for next year but the website has multiple different options and im not sure which one you did in this video

  3. K M

    Please call Saigon, not hochiminh! Please don't be brainwashed. Tourism should be a positive impact on the lives of the places you visit! Please find out why SAIGON is the right name!!

  4. ABC 123

    How long was the bicycle ride for? Would you recommend the 2 day tour instead. I will be in HCMC IN less than 10 days. Cheers

  5. Emma V

    This looks like an amazing adventure! I adore Vietnam and all that it has to offer, especially the Mekong. This has to be one of my favorite videos, thank you so much for posting it… I know it can be tough getting time to upload so much content from Vietnam but I try to do so to keep my family in the loop. I am from Chau Doc and try to go back as much as I can afford to. I will be sure to check out your links and maybe save up for some better equipment. I appreciate your videos, keep them coming!

  6. Scott Redford

    Hey bud, don't want to seem needy but are we able to get more videos? Your channel is growing at a fast rate and I'm sure it can be very lucrative for you in the long run, however the length between uploads can kinda suck for those of us that absolutely love your videos and we need to supliment the gap with other youtubers that aren't so interesting. Maybe you could supplement your weekly activity and coworking space videos with some product reviews? Like stuff you find essential in your daypack to being a digital nomad? I know psycho traveller has done similar videos with great results but it'd be good to see some more from you

  7. Tonk Masta

    Great video, slick edits and titling. I'm visiting Saigon late November, I'd love to do this trip, is it feasible to do as a day trip?

  8. AJ Belanger

    Could you please do an interview video with Andy Dew & Chris from Tieland to Thailand? They don't really do YouTube but they live in Chiang Mai and they are my two favorite Periscopers! Would be cool to see a collab between the two platforms!

  9. Thibault Lemaître

    I've done the exact same tour with my family back in 2009! It's crazy how this hasn't changed a bit, but it's still as gorgeous! I love Vietnam and the Mekong area!

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